PHP Variables

Variables in PHP are not declared as int or char. Because PHP is a Loosely Typed Language, the PHP automatically converts the variable to the correct data type, depending on its value.

echo and print are used to display output values 


$X = 432;
$Y = 634;
 echo $X +$Y;
 echo "<br>";
 print $X +$Y;

Output :


Scope of Variables

  • PHP has three different variable scopes:
  • local
  • global
  • static

  • 1.       Global variables

Any variable declared outside a function is termed as global variable which can be accessed outside the functions in the code.



  • 2.       Local Variables

When a variable is declared inside the function block, it is termed as local variable and can be used only inside the scope of that function



$oc_global = 5; // global scope

function testCode() {
    echo "Variable oc_global inside function is: $oc_global</p><br>";
    echo "Variable oc_local inside function is: $oc_local</p><br>";

    echo "Variable oc_global outside function is: $oc_global</p><br>";
    echo "Variable oc_local outside function is: $oc_local</p><br>";


Notice: Undefined variable: oc_global in C:\xampp\htdocs\phpCodes\variables3.php on line 8
Variable oc_global inside function is:

Variable oc_local inside function is: 43

Variable oc_global outside function is: 5

Notice: Undefined variable: oc_local in C:\xampp\htdocs\phpCodes\variables3.php on line 14
Variable oc_local outside function is:

in output it is showing error because we violated the variable scope


  • 3.       Static variable

Static variables are declared inside the functions. They can be reused outside the scope of function also


function testCode() {
    static $oc_static=43;
    echo "Variable oc_static inside function is: $oc_static</p><br>";




Variable oc_static inside function is: 43

Variable oc_static inside function is: 44

Variable oc_static inside function is: 45

If any of the above criteria is violated, the compiled code will show an error at execution

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