Functions In PHP

A function is a block of statements that can be used multiple times in the code. A function can be with or without any arguments or callbacks.

A function will not execute immediately when a page loads.

Functions are only executed if called in main code else not.



// simple function with no arguments and callbacks
function ourcoaching() {
    echo "Learn PHP from";
ourcoaching(); // calling function

echo "<br>";

// function with an argument
function ourcoaching_args($x) {
    echo "value input is = ".$x;
ourcoaching_args(422); // calling function
echo "<br>";

// function with an argument and callbacks
function ourcoaching_callback($x) {
return $x*10;
$y=ourcoaching_callback(22); // calling function
echo "value of callback function is = ".$y

Output is as follows:

Learn PHP from
value input is = 422
value of callback function is = 220

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