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Every one always says us"set your goal" "set your goal". But no one tells us How to ACHIEVE the GOAL. Setting goal is very easy. Every year we take New year resolution and set our goal but one month later we forget all about our goal and start to live as it is. Again next year we set goal and again fail. This way our self-esteem become low and we become dishearten/disappointed.

Again we watch one motivational video then motivate ourselves but for a few days.

So,here I am not giving any types of motivational speech but give a full sketch strategy to set GOAL and ACHIEVE it with any cost.

So,are you ready? If yes, then I will start.

First Do the assignment -

1. I already have _____________.

2.I already have ______________.

3. I already have _______________.

4. I already have _____________.

5. I already have ______________.

Write in the blanks what do you have.  That means you have achieved those things. Other people have not achieved those. Now write down what do you want to ACHIEVE within this year, within 3years, within 5years or within next 10 years. 

Write it down this way -

  • I am going to achieve _________in this year.
  • I am going to achieve __________in the next 3years.
  • I am going to achieve ________in the next 5years.
  • I am going to achieve ________in the next 10years.

One thing be sure of that yours goal will not be scattered. It will be related with each other. Then it is easy to achieve. If your goal is scattered than there is very few possibility to reach the goal or achieve it.

But very often our goals are scattered. Like - I want to be fit. I want to be financially strong. I want to be a________. I want to buy ________. etc.  etc.

In that case first define which one is most important in your life then Aline the others goals. For eg. If you achieve the financial goal then it will be easy to achieve the others goals.

In case of financial goal, not only write that I am going to financially strong. Instead of it write how much money do you want to achieve.

Secondly, after setting your goal split it up monthly,weekly and daily wise.

I am going to do __________ today to achieve ________. This way you make a format in your diary and write it daily wise.

Then make weekly sheet and monthly sheet.

Thirdly,the achievement sheet.

It is the review sheet of your achievement. How do we prepare our review sheet. Review sheet or achievement sheet can be made in various way. For eg -





Commit daily 5 actives and do it any how .And make it a daily habit.

"Do it now"

This will be the first commitment of yours.

Fourthly, make a BOARD where you paste your goal in written form or in photo. And dream about it,that you have already achieved it. It keeps you motivated still you achieve the goal.

Last but not the least. STOP THINKING and START DOING. Because every thing can be achieved by ACTION not only by Perfection.

Do yours best. And definitely you can reach your goal.

Next I will discuss some more important topic.

Thank you.


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