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               Life lesson

Every day every moment we want to Change our future , we want more Money ,we want better life, better life partner . But it is also true that we become frustrated because we are not able to get better future , better life , better life partner , better money.

Do you know WHY? Because we want to Change every thing but not ourselves. We think " if the government change then We will get the better opportunity, if we change our life partner then  we will be happy, if the surrounding will change then  we will able to make better future . If the choice of the customer change then we will make a good business and make a good amount of money." But it will not happen. It will not happen now and in the near future also. It will never happen any time .

That means you will not able to get better money , better future, better life etc.....

YES, you will not. I am dam sure. 

BECAUSE first and foremost thing that have to change is YOURSELF. If you change yourself and stop blaming others then every thing will change.

Everyone We know that we cannot change the seasons, we cannot change the situation, the circumstances. But you can change yourself.

So, the key lesson of today is -

"Major key to your better future is you. "

You have to change yourself to get.

You have to create VALUE in society. Because we primarily get for VALUE which we create in our world. We not get for time we invest ,but we get for the VALUE.

We cannot get extra time . Everyone have only 24 hours . No one will get 48 hours or more. Then HOW some person get extra money ? Because they create VALUE. If you increase your value twice then you will get twice. If you increase your value thrice , you will get thrice.

So, learn to work harder on yourself. In which field you belong to,that's no matter . In every field increase your value by serving and giving MORE. Do more than average person do . Give more than average person give. You will get more than average person get.

So, today's great lesson is --------

"Change yourself and increase value."

Today's assignment -

  1. Which thing of your life do you going to change that increase your value?------–------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. How do you create more value to yourself ? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------.

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