How To Increase Earning? Part -2

By Debabrata Dhar

   How to increase earning? 

                 Part -2

Here we will learn "How to break conventional earning system?"

Have you seen that a street vendor , a cart puller ;they work from dawn to dusk but earn a meager income. That means it prove that not only hard working you can earn your target money. Because they are doing the work as it is 'in  the conventional way'.

They do not change their working pattern . They do not use any new strategy.

So, to increase your earning you have to think and use a new strategy instead of conventional system.

Let's do the assignment -

Take a paper and write down which new strategy will you going to adopt to increase your income.


Take a example :-

Suppose you are in a job and earn a fixed income and you are willing to increase your earning. But you have no skill then how you can increase your earning?

Now think you have already got experience how to get the specific job and you know what types of qualifications does a candidate need to enter in that job.

What types of obstacles does one face in that field? 

NOW SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE after your fixed job time (9am to 5pm) and earn.

It is too simple to believe. But it is the truth.

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