How To Increase Brain Power Through FOCUS

By Debabrata Dhar

How to increase Brain Power through FOCUS

Through my teaching I have seen that maximum students face the problem of lack to concentration. Many of you eagerly want to study but lack of concentration Power divert your focus.

So , today I am giving you some simple tips to increase your focus and solve the problem of lack of concentration.

Before it we must understand the word FOCUS.

F stand for Follow, O for One, C for Course , U for Until S for Success. That means Follow one course until success. You have to continue the process and do practising until you reach to your goal.

Now you have to understand what create destruction on your focus.

DANIEL GOLEMAN, one of the famous psychologist and journalist mentioned in his famous book "FOCUS" that destruction are two types 1. Sensory and 2. Emotional.

Sensory destruction are the destruction like some sound, shape, colour, taste or smell which we dislike. It create disturbance and destruct our focus.

But Emotional destruction is inner and difficult to handle. Because it is related to our work place, office, some persons, staff, family members, friends etc.

So to increase focus and concentration Power we have to handle our Emotion.

DANIEL GOLEMAN says that there are three types of focus - 1. Inner focus 2. Outer focus 3. Other focus.

As a student we have to . manage our inner focus. But how.? There are do many systems but here I prefer the two systems for you.

One is BREATHING BUDDIES HABIT. In it you lay straight and put a tedi bear or other types of your favourite dall on your belly and take deep breathing and observe when you inhale the tedi bear goes up and when you exhale the Tedi bear comes down. You do this for 10 minutes at morning and before study. It will increase your focus.

Number two take a chart paper draw traffic signal that means red, yellow and green. Write some commands. For eg-

Red - take a deep breath when you are in great pressure.

Yellow -

Green -

Finally stay in the STAGE OF FLOW. University of Chicago says that flow is the STAGE when stress level is not so high, not so low. Therefore you give your 100% potential and get the maximum result. I think you understand the technique.


Thank you .

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