Action Plan - Self Assessment


1.a. Develop a set of own responsibilities and performance Objectives (AC1.1)

1.b. Evaluate own effectiveness against defined objectives (AC1.2)

Being part of an organization, along with the responsibilities assigned to me as part of my work profile, the basic attributes which should accompany my performance indices are as follows:

Team Management – No task in any organization operating anywhere in this globe can be accomplished without teamwork. All segments of operations of an organization work as individual teams with a central reporting authority. To work in a team, one must possess a few capacities and qualities like:

a.       Managerial Skill

b.      Problem-solving approach

c.       Understanding and responding to the needs and issues of teammates

d.      Capability to motivate team members at crisis periods

e.       Self-motivating optimistic approach

For efficient and effective teamwork, the team leader must have a clear vision of the common goal towards which the team has to move. This enables the leader to guide all team members in a proper and channelled way for the achievement of the goal (Patrick L, 2014).

Working in groups – As discussed in the initial point, teamwork is mandatory for achieving the objective of an organization; the same concept makes working in groups compulsory. To perform well when one works in groups, he or she must possess few virtues and qualities which are default expectations of the organization like –

a.       Flexibility in the mode of approach and conveyance of respective duties

b.      Ability to participate in collective decision-making process

c.       Calibre to understand the need of working in a group and correspond to each activity with full dedication and enthusiasm

Patience, tolerance and sporting attitude is very necessary to work in groups without which unwanted clashes might originate amongst members which can directly affect the productivity of the group (Gray C, 2016).

Communication – Proper modes of communication between team members, departments and operation processes is mandatory for conveying the status of progress or development in the task or activity assigned to an employee. One should be conversant in all types of communication skills, often referred to as soft skills which can be verbal, non-verbal, in-written, direct or indirect in nature.


Leadership – This quality is necessary to lead a team and make a central presence of importance while working in groups. Leadership skills in any person allow him or her to lead a team as well as follow superiors and learn from their approach at work. A well-developed personality with leadership skills can prove to be an asset for an organization and have a bright career ahead.

Self-learning – This is one of the most important necessities which can keep a person well-informed and articulated about the latest updates and ongoing trends in the organization and industry (Spolsky J., 2006). Without updated information, it is impossible to work either in a team or as an individual.

Technology – Developments in technology has made a great impact on the work culture of all organizations. An employee must have proper knowledge about the basic functionality features of the technical equipment and accessories requires conveying his or her duty towards the organization.

In regard to the respective parameters as discussed in 1a, I would like to assess, evaluate and present my effectiveness in the process in the following way –


Team management – I possess the virtue to be an effective and result oriented team manager due to my ability to understand situations and respond likewise to respective situations. I have attended various sessions and workshops where I have learnt about the benefits of working in a team and the benefits of fruitful teamwork for the Human Resource Department of an organization. I have led many teams in practical workshops and have undertaken self-initiated activities with a leading role. I understand the values and principles required to manage a team and possess ample knowledge of the segment to have a better understanding of the common goal towards which the team has to work its way out.





Working in groups – As discussed in the initial point, I have already been part of many group activities, which has made me aptly capable of working in groups. I have the potential to communicate my ideas to my groupmates and understand their concept. I can take active participation in common decision-making activities.










Communication –  Starting from conveying my ideas in the team till e-mailing to my supervisor or reporting authority, I have the idea and efficiency in such communication methodologies. I am conversant in near about all modes of communication with above average proficiency but many a time my straight-forward approach bags me a tough time. I have to make up my mind to be modest whenever required and maintain professional etiquettes in speech.


Leadership – I can perform well in leadership roles where I hold the minimum risk of a stake. As discussed earlier, I possess the qualities of being a good manager, but till date, I can not certify myself to be an effective leader and to reach that stage I have to work more on my thinking process and soft-skills. I often observe my seniors and try to grasp leadership qualities from their words and activities.

Self-learning – I am a quick learner and can learn things on my own without any external source of explanation or teaching. This quality is helping me to enhance my skills in an ever-growing pattern.


Technology – I am associated with various technical aspects of my profession and very often stay updated too. Hence, advancements in technological application in the organization is going to help me in enhancing my productivity.




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Action Plan - Self Assessment


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