Q. Identify your key stakeholders (e.g. Managers/CEO/Employees etc.) in the process of globalization. Why do you think they will be benefitted from your findings on some relevant survey on the globalization of an organization and why?

How would you communicate (e.g. Report, Online, presentations) them and why do you think this method of communication is well designed for them?

What would be your logic (or inference from your findings) to convince them? How will you explain your findings as well as the entire research process as layman style to convince them?


In the process of globalization, the CEO takes the first initiative and measure from the company’s side. Hence, the CEO is the primary stakeholder. He must be aware of the challenges and opportunities, threats and benefits or positives and negatives in the process of globalization. As a CEO holds the major stake in an organization, in the process of globalization, it is the CEO who is the major stakeholder followed by the managers (Maria S., 2016). Benefits of my finding to stakeholders are –






Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


o   Impacts of Globalization on primary areas like finance, business, employment and scheduled work

o   Major challenges expected to be faced by Tesco Group during Globalization

o   Expected beneficial strategy to be followed during Globalization

o   Survey of feedbacks related to issues and impacts of globalization on Tesco Group



ü  Help the CEO to have a better understanding of the major issues which might require more focus at the time of expansion or Globalization


ü  Helps him to extract ideas and views of respondents regarding the image of Tesco Group


ü  Knowledge of threats and impacts can help him (CEO) to operate the managers fruitfully (Charles W.L., 2014)





Managers and Employees


o   Age-group, gender and likewise recommendation of respondents in the survey



ü  Helps the Managers know the capabilities and competencies of their subordinate employees in the level of deliverance

ü  Helps them in making future plans and improve their services to meet the standards of globalization

ü  Helps employees to know the greater standards of work and performance globalization requires



Communicating the reports of the data analysis and insights has to be done directly as well as over mail-in forms of reports and presentations. Direct presentation of the reports can be done to teams or groups held responsible by the CEO in the process of Globalization. Along with the direct interaction, a copy of the presentation and reports must be mailed to the CEO to have a better understanding of the market pursuits and potentials on a global basis.

All the reports will be coordinated and linked with each other using standard database formats. As it has to displayed to employees who lack statistical or deep management background, the language of the presentation will be kept simple and each analysis report will be simplified in the layman version. Globalization is a vast concept. To explain it, I would follow the following process:



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