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Internet of Things referred as IoT in this presentation is the synchronized connection of physical devices by modes of wireless communication technology most of the time with the involvement of the functionalities of sensors, actuators, software, and electronic interfaces. This concept increases the efficiency or benefit of a system or organization as a reliable and fast connection is established with the physical articles involved in the business and the owner class can easily track locations of the devices and it is even simpler for the clients and customers to check the status of their orders or consignments. This research is upon an organization that deals in courier services, including the transfer of letters and parcels and the entire process, is done over the internet. This research can also demonstrate as to how data mining and data analytics are important for the concepts and how the modes of communication help the organization in delivering a nice service to its customers and clients.


Problem Statement

The region where this organization is going to operate has many competitive verticals. Not only are there competitive companies, but they are the settled ones and people are knowing them. So, a new concept which can give people some comfort or convenience is required. The parallel implementation of IoT, web analytics and data mining makes the organization unique in its class as it enables the clients and customers to access the service completely from the internet without any requirement to visit the office. The online application has the provisions which allow an agent to reach out to the client or customer, gather the letter or parcel from him or her or them and deliver to the destination.



The Concept

The Organization: Due to the confidentiality and privacy issues of the organization, the name cannot be disclosed or referred to in the project, yet, its features and functions can be demonstrated. It is one of the leading courier agencies of the region and their entire task goes on with the help of the internet.  

Starting from its promotional activities until it's customer support, everything relies upon the internet. The website is the only tool that is utilized for major business activities. It uses the concepts of web analytics and data mining which they synchronize with the IoT for better productive output.

Role of Data Mining: The website which is the major functional tool of the company uses data for their promotional activities. This concept is used to gather information like names, contact numbers and email IDs of persons who generally require fast and efficient courier delivery. Data is purchased and then analyzed using efficient tools under the supervision of data analysts. Once the data gets filtered and it's assignment is done, the dedicated email service linked with the website is used to send informative emails regarding the service. The bulk messaging system associated with the domain is also used to send messages to people over their phones. This increases awareness and makes the company more famous.

Role of web analytics: The concept of web analytics is used to implement the data mining task effectively. The major implementation is in the fields of search engine optimization. This cam again is treated as one of the promotional activities but it also helps in the process of tracking courier orders. Whenever any order or package gets released for the destination, it is having a unique identification like a barcode or a QR code. In this relevance, the orders and parcels can be easily tracked once the client or customer searches for their delivery over search engines.

Role of IoT: The entire concept rests over the concept of the Internet of Things as there is a connection which is compulsory to be made between many devices and systems. Since the entire concept is based upon the utility of the Internet, IoT plays a major role in tracking the vehicles responsible for the delivery by using the Global Positioning Systems or GPS and it is easy to locate the delivery point also.


The Process

The process of operation can be explained in a simpler way by mode of the following algorithm or process chart:

Step 1: Data collection and analysis.

Step 2: Data Segmentation and mining.

Step 3: Maintaining the database of perspective clients or customers.

Step 4: Embedding the database with the web server and enabling the SMTP so that automated mails can be sent to the details recorded in the database.

Step 5: Monitoring of the mail to track whether any receiver of mails and information as in Step 4 confirms to take service from the company.

Step 6: Using the website to process the order and track the delivery point.

Step 7: Use the GPS and web analytics part to track the delivery vehicle.

Step 8: Get the parcel or letter delivery feedback over the dedicated email or message domain by means of toll-free communication system facilitated by the website. It can be a VOIP concept too.

Step 9: Using the data mining part to record the details of the client or customer served for their feedback or future references or both.

Step 10: Use the data after filtering and analysis on suitable occasions for giving special offers or discounts.


As the entire project depends upon the functional ability of the website, the use of data mining and web analytics gives a great boost. The major point where this thing comes active is its promotion and awareness amongst people. The advent of Android technology has made internet very easily accessible for a major part of the world population and hence people without the access of any computer can use the services of the company from their mobile phone. The IoT with the enhanced boost of web analytics and data mining makes the website much more accessible to normal people and the entire system of delivery of letters or parcels becomes transparent to the company and the customers.

Online Instructor

Samit Banerjee

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