Indefinite Articles


Articles are two type indefinite and definite articles-

Indefinite Articles :- A & An

Definite Article :- The

Use of Indefinite Articles:

Use of “A”

First sound of Letter  is consonant e.g.-

A house, A university, A one rupee note, A B. A, A B.B.A

Use of “An”

First sound of letter is Vowels e.g.

An honest man, An Umbrella, An honorary post, An MBA, An LLB

Note:- All the pronunciation should be check in Hindi alphabet.

1- Before singular countable noun-

      Raju sing a song.

      Sita eat an apple.

2- In exclamatory sentences after what –

  What a beautiful girl !

  What an idea !

3-In reference of per month, per kg.

  Rice sells fifty rupees a kilo.

  She can run twelve kilometer an hour.

4-Before counting words like- A hundred, A thousand, A million

  I have a hundred rupees

  He has a thousand rupees

5-Before profession like teacher, engineer, advocate etc.

  He is a doctor.

  Raja is an engineer.

6-Before singular countable noun when it tells about whole community.

  A dog is an animal.

  A cow is domestic animal.

7- If singular noun comes   after,Many/Rather/quite/such/what.

  Many a man.

  Such a girl.

  What a fool.

Noteif plural noun comes after these words then article will not come.

  Many books, what fools, such girls etc.

8-Before some phrases-

  A team of, A gang of, A group of, A crowd of

9- Use of verb as a noun

  His father has gone for a walk.

  My son has gone for a swimming

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Indefinite Articles


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