Properties Of Electric Charges

By Kunal Kapoor

Charges have 3 basic properties

  • 1.       Additive

Additive property indicates that charges can be added or removed.

Eg if a body has chare q1 and anther body of charge q2 is induced into it, then net charge will be q = q1 + q2.


  • 2.       Conservation of charges

Charges are neither created nor destroyed. Charges are transferred from one body to another.

Eg if we rub 2 bodies together, electrons will transfer from one body to other , thus making first body as positively charges and second as negatively charged.


  • 3.       Quantisation of charges

Anything that aquires a charge is always in multiples of “e”, e denotes tha charge of a single electron


Thus total charge on a body is always = ne, where n is a positive integer and e is charge of an electron.

Experimentally e = 1.062192 X 10^-19 C

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