The French Revolution

The French Revolution

One of the important event of the World history is the French Revolution of 1789 which brings the ideas of Liberty,Equality and Fraternity.

Now the question arise what were the causes of the revolution.

There are many causes behind the revolution.I am giving it point wise.

  • Louis XVI ,the Burbon ruler ,was extravagant. Long years of wars and extravagance of the king led to financial crises in the society.
  • The French society during late 18th century was divided into the estate - 1st estate belong to clergy men, 2nd estate nobility, 3rd estate for businessmen,merchant,peasants,artisans etc.
  • First and the second estate had certain privileges by birth. The third estate(90%) paid all the various direct and indirect taxes.
  • Due to rapid increase in population demand for food grains increase but wages could not match rising prices.

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