Sample Question Paper History Class 12

By Debabrata Dhar

Sample question paper 

CBSE Class XII History (027)

Full marks - 80                Time - 3hrs.

General instructions

  • The question paper is divided into five parts A,B,C,D, and E
  • Part  A will carry 3 very short answer type questions of 2 marks and should not exceed 30 words
  • Part B carries 7 short answer type questions of 4 marks and should not exceed 100 words
  • Part C carries long answer type questions of 8 marks and should not exceed 350 words.
  • Part D carries 3 source Based questions of 7 marks each
  • Part E carries 1 map based question of 5 marks.

               Part -A

  1. Give the names of four dynasties that ruled over Vijayanagara Empire.  2
  2. What was Hindu mahasabha ?  2
  3. Why was Akbar impressed by Abu'l Fazl? Give any two reasons.  2

               Part - B

     4. Discuss whether the Mahabharata could have been the work of a single author.    4

    5.Explain how seals and scripts are important sources to know about Harappan civilisation.    4

    6. With illustrations analyse, why  Bhakti and Sufi thinkers adopted a variety of languages to express their opinions.   4

    7. What was the impact of American Civil War of 1861 on the peasantry of India?  4

     8. How did Al - Biruni describe the caste system of India ?    4

     9. What was the Khilafat Movement ? What are the demands made by the proponents of the Khilafat Movement?   4

       10. Examine how buildings in the Royal Centre of Vijayanagara City helped in increasing the prestige of the Vijayanagara kingdom.    4

               Part -C

       11. Explain rules and practices related with kingship in ancient India, especially from 600BCE to 600 CE.


     Describe about the Brahmi and Kharoshti scripts.       8

     12. Discuss about In Battuta 's description of Indian cities focussing on Delhi and also discuss about Bernier views on Indian cities.


   Assess the role played by the women of the imperial household in the Mughal Empire.  8

     13. Why did the cabinet mission visit India? What were it's recommendations?


  Describe the aims of establishing hill stations and cantonments in India by the British.    8

Part D  source Based

Part E Map based 

Mark the name 1. Kanchipuram. 2. Bijapur.3. Mohenjo-Daro 4. Chanhudaro 5.Lucknow.

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