Galvanic Cells

A Galvanic cell is an ectrochemical cell that converts the chemical energy of a spontaneous redox reaction into electrical energy. The resulting energy can be used to run electrical devices such as motors, drives, etc. Daniell cell is a type of galvanic cell in which a redox reaction takes place, which leads to emaergence of electrons from it

The two separate reactions or half-cells or redox couples,taking place in above reaction are:
1. Reduction half (on copper electrode side ) : 
2 Oxidation half (on zinc electrode side ) : 

In the above half reactions taking place, A potential difference develops between the electrode and the electrolyte. It is called electrode potential. A Condition in which the concentrations of all the species involved in a half-cell is one, then the electrode potential is known as standard electrode potential. As per IUPAC convention, standard reduction potentials is called standard electrode potentials

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