Order Taker And Order Getter

Q. Where would you place each of the following sales jobs on the order-taker/order-getter continuum shown below?

(a) Burger King counter clerk,

(b) automobile insurance salesperson,

(c) Hewlett-Packard computer salesperson,

(d) life insurance salesperson, and

(e) shoe salesperson.


Order Taker: Order taker is a position by virtue of which the employee or professionals engage him/herself in undertaking ordering and reordering for products or services which is already sold by the company. The primary responsibilities of this position are to maintain the sales volumes and sustain a prosperous customer relationship focused towards the attainment of increase in the level of repeated sale to return customers.

Order Getter: This position requires creativity and innovative marketing approach by which the employee or professional by which he/she can identify prospective customers, provide them with product information, convince them to place orders, makes sale and closes deal and follows up with them in getting feedbacks about their use of the product sold by him/her. Such positions require detailed knowledge about the product and are required majorly for selling technical products.


On the basis of the above classification, the given job roles can be placed in the order-taker/order-giver continuum in the following pattern –

1.      Shoe Salesperson – Order Taker: A shoe salesperson is involved in generic methods of selling footwear as instructed by the company. This does not involve any creativity or marketing approach. It is completely oriented towards making sale and closing the deal making a good interaction with the customers with the wish to sustain a prosperous relationship.

2.      Burger King counter clerk – Order Taker: A counter clerk is responsible for receiving orders and payments. Mainly he/she is engaged in post-sale operations, which is related majorly to ordering or reordering for the food items of Burger King.

3.      Hewlett-Packard computer salesperson: This position requires detailed technical knowledge about the product. For such positions, lesser marketing approach is required from individual front as it is done by the organization itself. HP being a renowned global brand, it requires less effort to convince customers. Major task is to understand the requirement of the customers and suggest them the right product to make a sale and close the deal.

4.      Automobile Insurance salesperson: An automobile insurance salesperson is associated in insuring automobiles. In such profession, the salesperson follows a guideline already set by the insurance company specific to particular models of automobiles. Many times insurance companies have collaboration with automobile dealers and hence effort required to understand the need of customers is relatively less for this position.

5.      Life Insurance salesperson – Order Getter: This position requires creativity and innovative methods of marketing approach to stand the tough competition of the industry. The life insurance policies are of a wide range, which have different scopes and coverage features. The professional needs to have a deep knowledge of the schemes and capability to understand the need of customers to suggest the best plan, which suits their needs.


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