Graphics Processor In Computer

By Kunal Kapoor

A GPU in a computer system is primarily to process the graphics, images, animations and video for the computer's monitor. Modern software application like the ones used for Image/ video editing, Animation/Graphic designing and computer games etc. use high performance display content which cannot be rendered by computer CPU alone.

It is located on an embedded chip on the computers motherboard.

A GPU is combination of a storage device called as Graphics card. It acts as a RAM but for GPU application only. Other component being a Graphics processor which performs actual operations

The main difference between CPU and GPU is that CPU performs overall computer operations/control/ calculations/ processing,  but a GPU is solely for purpose of rendering  digital graphics content, which under normal circumstances cannot be rendered by CPU alone or else will cause a loss of system performance

Modern GPU manufactures are NVIDIA and AMD. Both of these companies produce GPU’s that can render high graphics content as in modern Gaming Applications

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