Integrating Facebook Login For Android App

By Kunal Kapoor

Facebook login for android provides easy user experience while giving developers a chance to get all of user specific data easily. As per a study, most users , when signing up on a website, newer fill the signups form completely or fill partial or incorrect information. Facebook login in this case provides developers one click access to user data from their Facebook account.

The following Article will help you to learn on how to integrate facebook login for your android app. Follow all the steps to begin integration:

1. Go to and create your developers account by simple facebook signup process(ignore this if already having an account)

2. Click on my apps on Top Right corner and click on "Add new App"

3. After clicking on "Add New App", a popup box will appear asking for an "App Name" and "email id"


Give your App a name which will appear in front of every user that tries to login through their Facebook accounts on your website(once integration is complete). The email ID will never be shared with signup users. It remains with Facebook only.

4. After completion of previous step, The following Dashboard screen will appear. Click on Facebook Login option "Setup "Button.