Firebase Integration With Android Application

By Kunal Kapoor

Firebase is an important tool for Android Applications. It provides various tools and services required for your application like Analytics, Crash analysis, storage and hosting, etc

In this tutorial we will be demonstrating how to integrate Firebase  with your Android Application.

Follow the following steps to start integrating:

1. First go to and create your account

After you create your account, the follwoing window will appear

Click on "Add project" Button.

2. Add the basic project details and press create project

3. Select the platform for which you want to integrate Firebase with. In our case we will be Selecting Android.

4. Add the basic project details like package name and an app nickname.

If you are using other firebase services like Login auth services, you need to provide the Debug signing certificate SHA-1. To get the certificate, go to your Android Studio project and click on "Gradle" on Right hand side. Then click on "Project_NAME" and double click on Task-> Signing report . Your SHA-1 certificate will appear on bottom window.