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Empowering Indian Teachers is a website for Educators to create online content

Online instructor or online teacher is an account type where you can earn money by creating online lessons

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Earn money every for every digital impression your lesson make. Get paid monthly and on time

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Anyone who has knowledge to share can join as an online teacher

Choose any topic

We have listed over 10,000+ topics/chapters/subjects for you to choose from

Work anytime

Choose your own working style. Work on your schedule. We give online teachers full autonomy to create versatile content .

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Quick FAQ

Is there any credit card information required to setup the account

This service does not requires you to pay anything. Just signup using an email id or facebook and you start creating tutorials within a minute

I own a YouTube channel with educational content. How will this service help me

Well first of all thats really great. Also you can now add video tutorials from your YouTube channel directly into tutorials . You will still own the content and will help you in getting additional views from students

Do I have to give ownership of my content

Absolutely NOT! Any piece of information posted from your account will remain YOURS only. You will have full copyright of the materials posted. will always protect your copyright materials from being used by someone else also

I am a School teacher. Can I become an Online Instructor on

100% YES. Anyone with a teaching experience or Interest in Teaching any subject of your choice can become an Online Instructor.

How will I receive payments

Payments are directly sent to your Bank account via wire transfer everymonth.

Is there any certification required to join this website

Absolutely NOT. We do not require any special certification from you to join this platform.

I have no experience in making online tutorials or Courses at all

We have got your back. Our platform is very easy to use. You can create tutorials within minutes of joining. Additionally we have provided a forum Online Instructors support. Here you can discover everything you need to create Dynamic Tutorials with ease

I still have more doubts regarding this

We are happy to answer your queries. Please contact us and submit your query. We respond to all queries within 24 hours

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