SMO - Tips for Social Media Optimization on Facebook

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Kunal Kapoor

Every business needs marketing whether it is a small or large scale business. Facebook is the most used platform to promote the business.


But the question is how does it work. How to make your potential customers to reach out your business.


To get the answers to these questions, all you need to know is SMO which helps to boost your business.


What is SMO?


SMO is the abbreviation for Social Media Optimization.


SMO is a set of strategies to increase awareness of the brand, product or any event by using social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.


In this blog, we shall discuss the Tips for Social Media Optimization on Facebook.


Facebook is an ideal platform to increase the number of users to the website. These days, it's hard to get a business which doesn't have a facebook fan page for their business. But it doesn't end at just creating a facebook page. It requires to publish a post which gives ROI.

You might have been posting consistently but it needs to be optimized properly to rank better.

There are various factors to Optimize Facebook page which helps to rank on top.

Read on to know the tips.


How to Rank higher on Facebook



#1. Choose a relevant name for your business

When a user searches for a specific business, he gets several equal results as a suggestion and it creates confusion for your potential customers.


It is always recommended to use a name which represents your business and brand.

Example: If you have a city-specific business, you can include that city name n your Facebook page name.


You can create a custom Facebook page URL using your business name. This will help to rank better.


#2. Choose Profile and Cover that represents your business


Usually, business logo suits best as a profile picture. Make sure the profile picture you upload is in facebook recommended size so it doesn't get cropped and fits well.

In the cover picture, you can include your products or services to attract people and help them out what is your page about. Here you can choose the video also which represents your business well.


#3. Select the right business category


Choose the right category under which you can list your business.


Facebook provides two categories to create a page.


1. Business or Brand - It allows to showcase your Products and Services

2. Community or Public Figure - It allows to connect the people in your community, organization, team, group or cub.


In most cases, you want to choose the Business or Brand category to promote your business.


#4. Use About Tab to brief your Business


The "About" tab is the heart of your Facebook page. Visitors will always visit About tab first. About tab includes a brief description of your business, location, website, contact details, etc.


Fill all the important details to make your page easily understandable to users.


These details are important because it is being fetched and shows in a search result when users search for your business.


Here you can connect your other social media accounts. It's recommended to connect all your social media account here because users prefer to verify your activities by visiting different platforms.


This will also benefit your other social accounts. You will get a good reach to those too.


#5. Enlist your Product on Shop Tab


If you are promoting your products, you can add them to the shop tab. Shop works similar to e-commerce to sell the product. Facebook has an option to organize products in product collection. This feature is convenient for users. They will get a product as a product group to visit related product.


#6. Enlist your Service on Service Tab


Facebook offers "Services" tab to list your services. You can list your business services with description and price. Do not forget to add your targeted web page link so that customers can contact you for more information in order to get the services your business offers.


#7. Ask customers to Review on Facebook


One of the significant thing which plays a vital role in the business is review or feedback.


Customers prefer to take the service or product based on other customers' reviews.


We can say, reviews are the mirror of your business. The more positive reviews your business receives more chances to get potential customers.


It's highly recommended to ask to place a review on your Facebook page to your satisfied clients.


#8. Add Facebook Like button to your webpage


How your audience will get to know about your latest post or update?


Facebook Page like button gives a notification or shows your post on the wall of the people who liked your Facebook page.


So, add a Facebook Like button to your webpage and encourage people to like your page to stay updated with your products or services.


Pro Tips


     Description: The short but catchy paragraph in post increase the user engagement.


     Picture: Include a picture with a post to represent what your post is about. A picture speaks more than words.


     CTA: Call to Action leads to get more information. Include a link such as "Click here", "Know more" to get clicks on your targeted page.


     Comment: Always respond to the comments to keep your audience engaging.


     Share: Encourage users to share your posts by giving them a useful info.



Final Verdicts



The points discussed above are the Social Media Optimization strategy to boost your business through Facebook Page. Facebook marketing is also called art by creating a post such a way that builds more engagement and hold the users and converts into customers.

Publish a post which gives information and generates interest among users and encourages interactions with new visitors.


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