Best tools to create screen recording videos

Best tools to create screen recording videos
Atrayee banerjee


With the help of a ‘screen recording software’, it is possible to take a digital recording of the matter of a computer screen along with an audio narration  The software makes it possible to take up and share the material from your desktop. With the help of such software, making video tutorials has become an easy task. So, whether one wants to make a video tutorial on how to play a game, teaching various topics through lectures, providing solutions etc, such software is the answer. Ultimately, such videos assist the viewers who are either trainees, students, learners etc.

Screen recording software is day by day becoming important, necessary and valuable. These screen recorders can be classified as ones that are simple that capture the contents on your screen and more advanced ones which enables the user to edit or live-stream. Apart from been used to impart knowledge, this software also helps in businesses. Some examples are recording of demos of product, giving demonstrations on how a product works. With each passing day, their use is increasing.



Listed below are few of the free and  best tools to create screen recording videos:


1)       Flashback Express: Flashback Express is one of most used screen recording software. It has many good features. One can record his or her video from a webcam, whole screen or a window. After completion of the video, it can be edited and uploaded. There is no watermark on your content, which makes it a favorite among users. Another great feature of Flashback Express is that it has a devoted gaming mode. The other pluses of this software are - There is no time limit on the recording, you can set your time limit, you can segregate your video into parts.


2)       OBS Studio: One of the most commonly used screen recording software, OBC Studio drawback is that it takes up a lot of time to set up but apart from this, it has many advantages like HD streaming and recording, no time limit of video recording. The user can also stream live. The creations can also be saved, hence, the user can come and view it later. It’s a good software for gaming purposes as it has the ability to record directly from the graphics card. It is considered as the most powerful screen recorders for gamers.


3)       Camtasia: This software can be used to record the videos in Windows or Mac. The advantages of this particular software are it can record at a time from your desktop and webcam. Furthermore, it can record the narration after the recording has been finished. It also has the feature to add a title slide and/or a end slide to the recording. Another important aspect of Camtasia is that it can import and edit audio tracks. It can also capture the system and microphone audio. Last but not the least, it can pan and zoom. It is best suited for educational lessons including training tutorials scripted screencasts and product demos.


4)       Snagit: Snagit has the advantage of quick screen recording and screenshot editing. It can be used on Windows and Mac. It has the basic of a screen recording software which includes editing screenshots after taking it, recording audio, editing the video clips. A special feature of Snagit is that it can create animated GIF and the user can toggle between the screen content and webcam during the process of recording. Its best suited for short, informal screencasts, technical support and for providing feedback.


5)       TinyTake:  Another free screen capture and video recording software, it can be used for both - Windows and Mac. The developers of this app are MangoApps. It has the ability to take images and videos from your PC and then the user has the option to add comments on the recording and share it. The time limit for this software is for 2 hours. Hence, it won’t be suitable for long screen recording tutorials. The pros are – it can pan and zoom, store videos and screenshots in the cloud, take a picture or record a video with the use of your webcam, get a sharable link.


6)       ShareX: It can take screenshots as well as videos. Though, it is not suitable for games which is a major drawback, it has many advantages. Few of these advantages are that it can capture the video as a file or GIF, there are no watermarks, and it has many export options. It best used when keyboard shortcuts are used as it does not have the best intuitive interface. Another major advantage for users using ShareX, is that they can send their recorded images or videos directly to a social media site.


7)       TechSmith Capture: This software has great reviews by users. It has the ability to record your screen of a mobile phone. You can give feedback after reviewing photos or documents from your mobile phone. It’s good for gamers. It’s available on Mac.


8)       Ezvid: Next on our list is the Ezvid Screen Recording Software. Its main benefit is that it has an outstanding text to speech tool. It also has a built-in editor. It works best for software tutorials. The main drawback of this software is that it does not have the ability to save your recordings to your PC and can only save it to YouTube. Another of its drawback is, it is time bound. The recordings have a time limit of 45 minutes. But, apart from this among its many benefits is that there are no watermarks. It’s best suited for smaller projects. Though, it can record games, but, it’s not a favorite choice among users.


9)       Apowersoft: It is free screen recording software. The advantages include no watermarks, no time limit. Furthermore, it can record your whole screen or certain selected portions.


10)     Debut: A well known software, to record your screen, Debut has few distinctive features. Few of them are being able to do schedule recording and it can record videos from external cameras apart from the webcam. There are no watermarks. The user has the possibility to add captions. A drawback of Debut is that does not give the option to export the videos. Nevertheless, it can be saved in different formats like MOV and AVI.



Each of these free screen recording software options has their pros and cons. Before selecting which one to use, it’s advisable to read about them in detail in their official sites and select the one best suited to your needs.