How to create better Online Content - Create Tutorials

How to create better Online Content - Create Tutorials
Kunal Kapoor

Are you an enthusiast in writing on your favourite topic? What if your written topic helps learners to get more information?


Won't you wish to earn from your writing skills by reaching out the online learners?

If the answer of above all questions is YES then you are at the right platform which allows you to become an online instructor by creating content.


First thing first.


Before moving to steps on how to create content, it is necessary to know why you are doing that.


Technology is evolving faster these days which is transforming into the digital world. Digital technology has proven easy and convenient human lives.


If we rely on technology for our day to day lives, why not to use for the online learning purpose.


Many people have adopted the online platform since it has plenty of advantages such as online instructor choice, saves time, flexibility and many more.


Considering such benefits, online tutors took place to provide seekers with a piece of useful and detailed information. Becoming an online tutor is also a benefit. It will help you to improve your skills and to be in vogue with new technologies. It helps in making an extra income too.


Considering, you understand that why content creation is required, coming back to the point how to create content.


To create content, few easy steps need to be followed.


Check out the steps on How to create an Online Content


Now, the core part of becoming a member of OurCoaching is creating content.


How to create Content using different tools?


To make your content attractive and more informative, we have provided the tools mentioned below.


     Add Images

How to create better Online Content - Create Tutorials

You have a handy tool on top of the editor tool. Using that image button, you will be allowed to insert an image.

Why image in the Content?

As we all know the image is the way to represent your topic and points covered into that. Adding an image or more images give an additional influence of your content to the users. While explaining anything, if more image is being used then more chances to attract more users.


     Add Videos

How to create better Online Content - Create Tutorials

Option to a video is given on top of the editor too as well. If you have a video explaining about your topic, you can use this feature to convey your information to the potential users.

You can also use it within your content. The video along with some content is the perfect match for the seekers.


Why to add video?

Just like an image, the video also makes an extensive impact on your provided information.

It helps to extend your guidance and easy to convey. You can add as many videos as you want.


     Add Hyperlinks

Adding hyperlink is always a wise choice. Hyperlinks are the reference of your data that gives more information.

It is recommended to give a reference to your content in order to provide further information.


     Use of Code View

How to create better Online Content - Create Tutorials

On the top left corner of the editor tool, under dropdown, you can select a "code".

Code view is given specifically to insert the pieces of codes in a special layout format.


     Create List

The list is the number of items written consecutively.


Why List?

The list gives the neat and easily visible interface to your content.

In your content, if there is something which contains more numbers of items, then adding those in a list form would be excellent instead of adding with comma as a paragraph.


Example -

I am an expert in the following subjects:

- Science

- Maths

- Computer

- Social Science


Now your content structure is ready. What next?


     Share on Social Media Platforms

How to create better Online Content - Create Tutorials

Promotion is always useful to gain more potential users.

Once you submit your tutorial, you will get a pop up with different social media buttons to share your content.

This will help to get maximum views on your content and increase its popularity.


What are you waiting for?

Sign Up today and create your content and start earning!