How to Get Maximum Traffic from Social Media

How to Get Maximum Traffic from Social Media
Kunal Kapoor

Social Media to boost your brand

Social media is a perfect ally when starting your website or online business as it allows you to boost your brand through high visibility in search engines.

For your social media optimization to be effective, you must remember that the important thing is to attract quality followers, we often focus on only increasing the number of followers in our social networks, this gives a good image and credibility to your brand, however, having quality followers will influence your sales or required relative popularity, since these users will be those who interact in your community, that is, comment, read the contents, share and click on "like".

1. Design a Social Media Strategy

How to Get Maximum Traffic from Social Media

Ø  Plan your campaign

Where do we want to go? Ask this question, it is very important for your goals and then establish the most appropriate strategy. The online objectives must be specific, measurable and with a deadline, since it is not favourable to propose good objectives but that are impossible to perform.

Here is a list of objectives that you can consider in your plan:

1.       Generate traffic to your websites.

2.       Increase the positioning of the brand through content.

3.       Increase interaction with your users.

4.       Improve campaigns to launch new products and their offers.

5.       Create specific channels to improve customer service.

6.       Once you have defined your objective, you must make the structure of the plan, which should contain an analysis of the current status of your brand on the Internet and the competition, this will allow you to analyze the general market environment and reach your goal in an optimum way.

Ø  Define your target audience

You must concentrate your efforts on the most important or popular social networking platforms, for this you must define your target audience and choose the channels where your audience is located. Currently there are free tools such as Google AdWords and Trends, which will allow you to segment the market you want to reach.

In Google AdWord, you mark your interests and Google chooses the websites where your ad will be viewed based on that audience.

Keep in mind that when you segment by audience, the campaign generates automatic placements that are the opposite of those managed. To define these interests Google gives you a choice between a lists of options grouped into categories with subcategories.

Remember that the creation of the AdWords account is free and is a "pay per clicks" service, that is, you only pay when people click on your link in Google and you can even set a daily budget.

Ø  Estimate the necessary resources

You will have to estimate the tangible, intangible and human resources for the implementation of your Social Media Plan. Remember that the costs that are generated will be part of the investment you make in your brand and not an expense that you cannot recover.

Ø  Make a strategy

The strategies will be the different actions that you will carry out to carry out the plan, for example, if your goal is to generate traffic, how will you acquire social media traffic? How will you integrate it with your offline media? What will you do to have repeat visits that turn into sales? In the design of the strategy you can include the promotions you are going to make.

Ø  Run the campaign and measure the results

How to Get Maximum Traffic from Social Media

Once the plan is made, it is time to execute it, you must bear in mind that content management in social networks is a constant job that if you do it in the right way, it will give you beneficial results.

Google Analytics will allow you to analyze the progress and behaviour in social networks.

Ø  Share quality content and avoid SPAM

Sharing quality content in Social Networks is a way to capture followers, since they will not want to miss any of your content.

Ø  Identify influencers in your sector

The influencers in Social Networks are an effective tool as they influence the purchase decisions of the audience, so it is important to identify the influencers related to your sector, the goal is to connect with them and get them interested in what you publish. , make sure that the influencers you choose have a high engagement since, having a large network of followers, your brand will reach more people.

2. Get followers

The important thing in this point is that you bear in mind that in the social networks where you publish your brand, you focus on getting quality followers as this will move to expand your brand and later sales.

Facebook, Twitter, Inastagram, Google Plus

This all are very powerful platform when you start your social media optimisation since these platforms currently have millions of active users.

v  Create a brand profile of your business

The creation of your brand profile is one of the most important aspects in Social Media, so you should not improvise in the design, create an original, creative style, good photos covering every angle, all these aspects should identify your brand, which will attract to network users to follow the account. Profiles are directly related with social media impact.

The profile to be created must be public, as all users will have access to the publications, the writing of the biography is a fundamental aspect, therefore, it checks the spelling and the most important thing is that it is a text that awakens the interest of the people who have reached your account.

v  Use hashtags

Using hashtags and locations is a way to activate search engines, which allows your profile to be visible to other users and know your brand. Hashtags should be short, easy to write and remember, a maximum of three words is recommended; remember that it is important that there is a relationship between the hashtag and your brand.

v  Link your blog to your Facebook page

One way to get quality followers is to link your blog and your Facebook page. It is important that the button "become fans" is in a visible place on the blog.

Instagram has integrated metrics that show you the moments when your audience is most active on the platform, allowing more users to see the content you post.

v  Communities

Participating in the Communities of Google Plus is a way to let you know many active users in the Community and that over time can get to include you in their circles. Remember that it is very important that you show yourself active and participatory in the Google plus community.

v  Use infographics

How to Get Maximum Traffic from Social Media

The infographics are the content with more engagement in social media, its high virality and visits will attract quality followers to your social network which will be interested in knowing your brand.

v  Create paid  Ads

How to Get Maximum Traffic from Social Media

Advertise on Facebook, Twitter or Google Ads is a great tool that you can consider in your social media optimization, since it allows you to segment your target market, virilise your ads, strengthening your brand, and interact with users and measure results.

The first thing you should do is create a campaign, then create the ad groups and finally create the ads to spread, these can be text, graphics or videos and can be displayed both in the news section and right column on computers, as well as in the news section of mobile phones.

How to Get Maximum Traffic from Social Media

                Every day millions of users use social networks to search for new brands, information and news, being more demanding in their search and requiring brands to offer them greater credibility, this is why online platforms allow to create a significant competitive advantage, but It is important that you make good use of them, study consumer trends and needs, as well as active management which will allow you to highlight your brand in social media.