Online Education in India : A Future Prospect

Online Education in India : A Future Prospects
Kunal Kapoor

Online Education in India - The Future Prospects

Have you ever thought that online education in India will become a popular and an important part of the education system? Even a decade ago who would have thought that you would be able to watch video courses via your phone.


India has one of the largest higher education systems in the world and it is pride that it has been progressing towards the high-class environment and it has adopted numerous technologies. With the advancement of technologies, India has enhanced its education system with online courses.

In the world of technology and internet, many e-learning platforms are available and many professionals and students are a part of online learning courses.


Online education has risen up as one of the most successful and popular modes of education. In this era, everything is available at the fingertip and education sector is growing fastly to have an easy access via smartphone or laptops. All type of courses is available online and the topmost universities have also started providing an online education. The conventional thought of a teacher delivering a lecture in the classroom has started a traditional way of advanced online learning. Online education has given exposure to professionals/instructors to enhance their skills and expertise.


Online Education: Future Prospects

Considering the present situation, e-learning and test preparations are leading the market. Many people have adopted this handy and convenient way of learning and teaching as well. The online education platforms are expected to grow significantly in the near future. The virtual reality and artificial intelligence are going to make an influence on education.


We are witnessing a great growth in online course delivery and self-paced learning and it's showing the signs of growing more and more. The future of online education is strong indeed and it has tremendous benefits.


Let's have a quick look at how future technologies can drive online education


Artificial Intelligence:

It provides profile based courses recommendations to prospective students. Also, it helps in choosing the type of course and it's duration.


Data Analytics: It maps academic or professional background and encourages purchase behaviour.


Virtual Reality: Virtual labs can be set up to perform experiments.


Machine Learning: Machine learning gives a student feedback based on student skills or performance such as the grasping power, level of accuracy, the total time spent on different subjects, past performance, etc


Looking at the business model purpose, hybrid educations may be adopted by people to reach potential customers.

For example, online players can start online learning platform by engaging their students through offline group discussion, panel discussion etc.


The advancement in technology brought advantages to education courses. It has enabled access to explore various courses across the globe. Online education not only facilitates student but also professionals for their better career growth. It is an ideal option for those who want to pursue study along with working. Professionals face difficulties to go to the university or institute and learn while working. Online education provides a lot of certification courses which is the convenient option to get certified while working.



How online education helps applicants prepare for different competitive exams:


*     Webinar: A seminar held in the online mode is known as a webinar.

There are many numbers of webinars available conducted by an online player that helps candidates to clear the concepts.


*     Mock Tests: Mock test is a practice test which helps candidates in preparing for the real exam later. Mock exams are rising as a popular course element for students where they can participate in a series of tests and get a corresponding evaluation of their performance. This evaluation helps to know their subjects of improvement and also the test pattern of the competitive exam they are planning to appear for.


*     Videos: Videos are useful in solving queries and exam papers.


*     Counselling: Online players have started providing career counselling services to the students.



*     Immediate results: Those students, who are preparing for competitive exams, they can practice online test and get to know the immediate results which help in improving those areas for exams more efficiently.


*     Study material: It gives you a variety of study materials in the form of videos, pdf, images and texts that are inspiring students to adopt online education platforms.


With the student, online education has given flexibilities to professionals also who wanted to pursue better career options.


Benefits of Online Education


*     Flexibility : Online education gives flexibilities who have time constraints in pursuing offline courses. Students can effectively manage their time and can complete assignments according to their schedule.


*     Quality Education: It provides a quality education from any corner of India to any region.


*     Career Advancement: Students can opt for online courses in between job. They can continue earning while learning courses too.


*     Affordable: It is more affordable to start learning online as it provides cost-effective materials, mock tests etc. Online education is cheaper than conventional offline education. You can have access to all types of subject or concept from any part of the world at any time.


*     Avoid Commuting: Online courses prevents from missing important classes during any natural disaster. Online education help students to attend the lecture anytime. Another substantial is savings on fuel costs with no commute for classes.


*     Improve Technical Skills: When students opt an online learning platform, even the basic online courses also need the computer skills. Through online education, student can participate in different Learning Management System and program that improves their technical skills. 


These are the top ones out of many more benefits of online education.




Looking at trends and hands on benefits the future of online education in India is so bright and there is no doubt that vast number of students and professionals are going to adopt this convenient and economical way to learn courses.