Importance of learning new skills

Importance of learning new skills
Kunal Kapoor

Importance of learning new skills -

technical and non- technical for career and regular self- improvement


Growing is an essential part of our lives and that one thing that makes growing up 'fun' is learning to do new things.


In this ever competitive world where everyone is running after money and fame, learning new skills can be greatly beneficial.

Any kind of skill, whether it is technical or non-technical will be definitely worthy and helpful at some point of time in your life.


Here are some of the pros of taking up a new skill that will get you geared up to start learning in no time:

*   You can grow as a person, develop your knowledge base and improve yourself for the better.

*   It will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. You will feel great about having knowledge regarding a particular field and that knowledge will definitely help you out in your ventures. Be it some professional venture or personal hobby polishing your skills is always a great idea.


*   You could potentially earn more money in your work life from learning a new and appropriate skill or by developing one that links to the work you do. You will rejuvenate your working life and get so much more from it.

*   Your learning speed will increase. It may seem like a long shot but this indeed is true, once you start to learn any new skill your mind starts to grasps everything in a faster manner. Now this is something that can be greatly beneficial in your day to day life.

*   Your personality will develop positively and you’ll become a more interesting person. Yes, having overall knowledge about any particular topic or even having a wide range of knowledge makes you an all-rounder and a popular person.

*   You will adapt better to changes, as when you start learning new things your perspective will broaden and you’ll be able to adapt to changes much more easily and comfortably.

*   Learning across our lives is essential for staying up to date in an ever-changing world. If we stop learning things, we can stagnate and actually move backwards, especially in our professional lives.

*   It’ll help you start new projects or well apply your knowledge to make your old ones better, all in all keeping you productive and eager to try to more.

*   Creativity and fluidity of thinking: Learning a new skill set will help you think more creatively and apply your imagination in day to day tasks.

Hence these are some of the pros of learning any new skill.
Now an important question that arises 'What to learn?
The answer to this is not that simple as the field of interest can vary from person to person. 

Though one argument that we would like to put forward is that skills that are in demand at this stage will be the best thing to learn as it will help you out to get into the market and make money out of it. Even if making money is not your goal, still the 'hot skills' will definitely pay off.

Currently the most in demand skills are programming, graphic design, blogging, content writing and much more.

These are mainly referred  as  'Digital Skills'.
Programming and technology are an emerging field nowadays hence learning new programming language or trying out new design software are something you definitely should try.
Teaching these things to children from a young age can also be quite helpful as it will help them to learn things faster and grow up to be valuable professionals.

Not only will these skills give you a sense of accomplishment but also it can land you in a better job position too.
If you work hard enough you can also land up in a remote job in these fields.

Along with work comes great experience. In today's scenario basic IT knowledge is definitely required, hence polishing your digital skills will definitely make great paths for you.

Another big question is where and how are you going to learn such skills?
Considering the technological advancement in the 21st century you don't always have to pay for the skills and subjects that you want to learn and explore.
All you need is a willing mind and a consistent effort. Most of the content is available on the internet in the forms of tutorials and online MOOCs. What more this content is usually free, unless you want a certification for your course, even if you need that it’ll too cost a nominal fee.
There are a lot of platforms available which provide free courses for online training and learning, one such platform is

The platform aims at providing free courses to all that too on a wide range of topics.


Now after learning something new , what all are the areas that you can apply it to?
There are a lot of ventures for that.

*   Blogging: Start your own blog regarding the thing just learnt. This will help you to share you knowledge and experience with the world.

*   Projects: Take up a new project. This will not only fight boredom but also help you to apply the knowledge that you just now gained. We all know practical experience definitely helps out a lot, hence try using your skills to build something great for the world.

*   Free-lance: Want to earn by something that you just learnt? Try free-lancing. A lot of platforms are available that can help you with it.
Hence earn while you learn and put your skills on test.

*   Teaching: Felt amazing while learning something new? Awesome, now you can teach others if you have the zeal to teach and for Nobel causes too.

Therefore no matter what kind of skill you want to learn there are people teaching it on various platforms and that too free of cost!

So what are you waiting for?
Select you area of interest and start learning, today's hard work will be tomorrow's success. The most important thing is to enjoy what you do and learn. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of completing a new project and definitely it wins you the bragging rights too!!.

Happy learning!