Reasons to send your child to a boarding School

Reasons to send your child to a boarding School

Reasons to send your child to a boarding School

Apart from athletics, academics and extracurricular activities there are many other reasons to send your child to a boarding school. A child’s education is the most important for any parent. And almost every parent has this question in their mind as it is about the career of their child.

Let us read a few reasons for sending your child to a boarding school.

Great teachers who love to teach

Boarding schools hire teachers with great degrees in their subjects. A very large number of experienced teachers have advanced degrees in their fields. In boarding schools all the teachers who are passionate about their subject and love to teach are hired. Children need to be taught discipline in the earlier ages of their life and for that sending them to a boarding school is very important.

Great sports facilities

Most boarding schools have amazing facilities for sports. The range of the sports and teams is mind boggling. In a boarding school you will get everything from hockey, basketball to squash. Many boarding schools provide facilities from commercial fitness establishments also. Boarding schools provide facilities like that of a swimming pool, playing fields, fitness rooms where you will be able to enjoy great things. These sports facilities are provided so that children stay engaged in games after the school timings and do not indulge in bad or useless activities.

You will to experience an independent life away from home

Although leaving your home is never easy for anyone specially for children. Leaving away from home could be challenging and fun at the same time for the children. They will get the real taste of the hard world in their life. Some things that children are going to learn when living independently; coping with the peers, community, adults, difficult situations, dealing with pressure alone etc. Because in boarding schools your caring parents won’t be around you all the time therefore children have to look after themselves whether it is their health, studies, life problems anything. Taking independent decisions makes them smarter and ready to face the outside world.

Libraries and media centres have the abundance of books and are very well stocked

Boarding schools have the facility of a library and are very well equipped as extra reading is promoted in boarding schools. A boarding school is equipped with the latest technology and on top of that all the printed reading material and vast array of books are provided too. Older and established institutions have better facilities and they have for record the latest technology so as to provide children with the best.

You will get great arts programs and arts facilities

There are a lot of opportunities for the kids that awaits in boarding schools. From theatre, music, dance, arts to dancing you will get every facility at a boarding school. You will get to participate in various schoolcompetitions. According to Boarding School Review, living in boarding school teaches you to go take up various opportunities and to enhance your talent in the most beautiful way.

Children become more ambitious

When children stay together after school, so they get influenced by the presence of others in the school. There are a lot of sports enthusiasts, studious children around whose company other children also get influenced. In boarding schools there is a lot of competition between children, as they see peers studying and participating in different activities. With competition there is scope for betterment, and this is how children become better and ambitious with them.

Children learn to be independent and responsible

With time children become more and more responsible and conscious about themselves. In boarding school there is nobody to spoon feed children, although adult support and care is always there but still children have learn how to be independent and responsible for themselves.

Quality of education

In boarding school higher quality of education is promised because parents send their children far away for the purpose of learning, paying heavy maintenance fees therefore they expect their children to get the best of everything whether it is education, food, living facilities, exposure, extracurricular activities. So, staff that is hired to teach in the boarding schools have higher qualifications and possess real passion for teaching.

Small class sizes

Where public schools have strength in classes of about 30-40 students and sometime more than that but in boarding schools the number of students in a class is very few. According to Boarding to school review, the lesser number of students are there in a class, the chances are higher that the students will perform better and to the best of the capabilities. As with lesser number of students the teachers can give more attention to each student in the class. So, you can always expect your child getting individual attention as no child is left neglected in a class with less no. of students.