Coaching institutes in India

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Shreya Verma

Importance of coaching institutes in India

Higher studies in a well reputed college or university is a dream of all the students. In order to fulfill this dream everyone tries their best, not only in the academics but also in the co-curricular activities.

One of the recent trends show that most students opt for various coaching institutes in order to crack the various national level exams.
There are many centers that provide a "special training" to the students so that they can crack these national level exams like JEE ,GATE and NEET etc.

It should in no way be interpreted that attending coaching classes are must for succeeding in competitive exams or regular studies.
There are many students that never attend any coaching classes but still crack the exams and achieve great success in life.

Some of the most important qualities for cracking such tough exams are

*      Discipline: Yes there is a reason why everyone is so keen on saying that "discipline" is  what gets you the success. Regular hard work and setting up a proper routine is something that is the most important thing to achieve success in any field.

*      Time Management: Along with discipline comes time management of course you’ll need to shell out quite a couple of hours each day to actually crack the exams and get into the top institutes of the country.

*      Hard Work: Next big thing is continuous hard-work. There is only one thing in the world that can beat natural-talent and that is "continuous effort". Rightly said that Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard . Therefore if you are dreaming about something, start working for it. Only way to achieve something great is if you work for it in a passionate manner.

*      Patience :  If you are willing to be patient, and you understand that in everything there are failures and frustrations then there is nothing that can stop you from achieving what you want.

Now, the question arises if these are the natural qualities that are needed to achieve success and in order to crack various national level exams then what kind of role does coaching institutes play in the lives of the students?

If you are planning to appear for entrance exams after grade XII then the coaching institutes can definitely help you out in this venture. Regular schools teach you regarding the theoretical concepts that are required for your regular exams but in order to  crack the entrance exams you need a  different "objective" kind of approach.
This is where coaching centers help you by providing proper guidance to help you prepare and crack the top entrance exams for Medical, Engineering, Law etc.

So, how exactly do these coaching centers help you out to crack the exams and what is different about their manner of teaching?

Here are some key points that that will help you out to know that how the coaching institutes function :-

*      Time schedule: After your regular school hours the coaching institutes derive a proper time schedule according to the exam that you want to crack.
They set up a proper guidance plan and alot a number of classes for various subjects that you need to study.

*      Objective study: One of the key factors for cracking the entrance exam is that you need to study "˜objectively" instead of the "subjective" manner. That means that you will need to apply your knowledge in a practical manner and device a specific route to solve the problem statement.

*      Effective time-management: Another important factor while appearing for the entrance exams is to manage time appropriately, while under stress our brain usually doesn't function that well and we forget about the time constraint that we have to take care about.
Coaching institutes positively teach students  how to appropriately manage time in order to solve the most amount of questions accurately in a short span of time.

*      Mock tests: The coaching institutes develop several mock tests for the students so that they can feel and experience how does it feel like to take an actual test.
This prepares them for the real-deal and help them out to know and asses the areas in which they excel and the domains in which they are lagging behind.

*      Practice problems: They give you a lot of practice problems so that you apply your knowledge and solve them. Other than that they also provide you different form of solutions and approaches that can be used to solve nay particular problem.

*      Reference material: What books and websites to refer to while studying can play an important role in helping out the students and shaping their way of solving problems. The experts from the coaching institutes often help out the students by providing them study material and websites etc that they can refer to in order to help them out for their preparation.

That being said we are not suggesting that all the coaching institutes are great or that all the students should definitely go and join an institute and only the they will be able to achieve success and crack the exams.

Any reputed coaching center would definitely help you out  for your preparation and guide you so that you can channel your knowledge and actively solve all the problem statements that too in a limited time frame.

If commuting and time are an issue for you, then try considering online coaching sites for help.
These sites work in a similar manner and provide you the content that you will need for your preparation for the exams.
Another benefit of online coaching is flexible schedules and nominal fee. Online coaching is usually much cheaper that the off-line regular coaching classes.

So if you have the zeal to learn and the will to crack the exams and get into one of the top institutions , go ahead and work hard for it.
Coaching institutes definitely help the students a lot by providing them the guidance that they need in order to successfully attempt the exams but in the end it comes down to the talent and the hard work of the student itself.

Hence try your best and you will definitely succeed one day.