ITIL Foundation Certification in 2019: 3 Things to Know

ITIL Foundation Certification in 2019: 3 Things to Know
Kunal Kapoor

After much anticipation, ITIL is being evolved in ITIL v4. This comes 8 years after ITIL v3, which was released in 2011, and this new version promises further improvements into the standards to adjust and deal with the consistently changing world of information technology. The ITIL standards about to be released in 2019 have been a topic of much discussion and attention in the IT world, and rightfully so due to the new streamlined certification route as well. The new certifications will be released in the first quarter of 2019, with the ITIL Foundation certification releasing first. In this article, we will be discussing the ITIL Foundation Certification based on the new ITIL v4, and If you too are considering applying for an ITIL foundation certification, then make sure to check out the ITIL training offered by QuickStart, so that you too can boost your career in IT management.  


There are no pre-requisites to apply for an ITIL certification of foundation level. The reason being that it is the fundamental course, which familiarizes users with the core application and understanding of ITIL, and then this certification acts as a pre-requisite for the higher certification levels. It is essential to get your foundation and base of ITIL right, and this is why it is highly recommended to take an accredited ITIL training beforehand.


The certification is designed for individuals who are working in an organization looking to implement the ITIL standards or an organization where they have already been implemented so that a better understanding the entire process can be achieved which would go on to help the implementation of the standards. The ITIL certification is ideal for IT professionals, Project and Business managers, IT support staff and any individual linked with the operations of IT department in organization.

Content of the certification

The certification will primarily test applicant’s comprehension and awareness of multiple aspects of ITIL. One of these aspects is service management as a practice, where the applicants of ITIL certification define the concept of a service along with explaining the concept of service management. Additional elements of the certification consist of ITIL service lifecycle, Generic concepts and key principles and models. The ITIL certification deals with understanding how the processes work and integrate in addition to getting students a theoretical comprehension of the ITIL. Moreover, the certification also deals with the awareness regarding selected processes, selected roles and selected functions. The certification also accounts for the technology and architecture along with the competence and training for service management.

All of these aspects of the recent ITIL foundation certification are covered in great detail in the ITIL trainings offered by QuickStart, which have been covering ITIL trainings of the previous versions as well and continues to do so for the most recent upgrade in the globally acclaimed standards. So, make sure to check out their ITIL training to not only improve your organization’s IT implementation but also improve your career prospects.