How to become a Private Tutor

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Kunal Kapoor


Are you passionate about tutoring? Do you want to share your expertise with others? If yes, then becoming a private tutor is the best profession for you.

Starting a home tuition or private tuition is one the most effective and productive way to present your skills and creativity. It will help to increase academic accomplishment by building skills and improving confidence and enthusiasm.


In this article, you’ll learn some useful information on how to become a private tutor and how online educational platform helps to showcase your skills and reach out to the potential students.


Before proceeding with private tuitions or collaborating with online platforms, one of the main factors should be considered is:


Are you expert in any subject?

One of the essential parts of becoming a tutor is expertizing in the subject. A tutor should have a deep knowledge in the subject which is going to be taught. 

All the topics of a specific subject should be well researched and well prepared before delivering the lecture.


There are a few things to consider when starting up as a private tutor, and our how-to guide will take you through the various steps to get you on your way.


Before you become a home tutor, go through the different sections on:


     How to start tutoring with OurCoaching

     What qualification is needed to become a private tutor

     Qualities that make a good private tutor

     How to establish your reputation as a private teacher


If you are planning to start your own tuition classes, online platforms are an ideal way to reach thousands of potential students. OurCoaching offers a free listing to list your tuition classes and access the students.


On our online learning platform, students can easily find private tutors who gratify their requirements on any subject or topic. The students will be able to view your profile, price & experience and talk to various tutors to find their perfect match.


Online tutoring jobs render a secure and resourceful service to help you share your expertise with eager students. You can take one or multiple tuitions to suit your schedule by choosing your time slot. One of the major advantages of online tutoring is you can work from anywhere and anytime. All you need is just a system, a webcam and an internet connection. that's it. You are good to go!


Start tutoring with OurCoaching by following simple steps


     Register for an account

     Create your profile

     Verify your details and qualifications

     Wait for students to contact you through our coaching

     Review their question/query request and decide whether to accept or refuse

     Decide when and where to host your tutorings


Signup for free listing


It's as simple as that! Our online platform connects tutors and students of all age groups and all field of interests.


What qualification is needed to become a private tutor?

To become a private tutor, any specific qualification is not required. You are required to have certain skills and expertise.


In general, tutors are required to have a qualification in the specific area of the subject, usually a degree level.


Qualities that make a good private tutor

To become a good tutor, we always suggest tutors to study student’s need in the first demo class.


     Dedication, Passion and creative

     Good communication skills

     An ability to deliver a tuition in a professional way

     An ability to learn a student's level of expertise in a particular subject or topic

     To create an easy and beneficial teaching methods


A good private tutor should have qualities in both a personal and pedagogical capacity. As a tutor, interpersonal skills and versatility are key: your approach must be adaptable and personalised to the student. You must have the ability to motivate your student to accomplish their goal.

You should be innovative in creating different ideas and ways of teaching. A great tutor will have the ability to analyse a student's grasping power and adjust their teaching style accordingly.


The right experience and qualities will make you stand out and get the interest of prospective students.


How to establish your reputation as a private teacher?


OurCoaching is a leading online educational platform that allows tutors or institute to create their detailed personal profile where they can showcase their qualifications, experience, location and rates. A complete and comprehensive profile leads to target prospective students so that you can start working and building your online tutor reputation.


These tips will help you expand your client base and establish your reputation as a private tutor:

     Manage the expectations of your clients

     Customise your teaching to the needs of your student

     Improve your skill set

     Build your professional network to stay updated

     Create an online presence


If you are a dynamic, encouraging and having a good knowledge and experience in your subject area, tutoring is for you!